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  1. Abducti0n

    PPC Trucking

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the PPC Trucking script, which can be found here. Have you ever wanted to be a truck driver? Yes? Now you can be! This script offers an immersive trucking experience to your players. Some of the features are: 231 trucking routes 7 busdriver routes Trucker's license and a bus driver's license system Speedometer Fuel system House system Mafia class Police class Rentable cars Speedcameras Business system Roadworker class Anticheat system Bank system Plugins you'll need: streamer, sscanf, zcmd.
  2. Abducti0n

    Life Of Flying

    Version 1.0.0


    This gamemode can be originally found here. This script is all about aviation - Your role is a pilot, and your job is to deliver goods and passengers from one airport to the next. You can even operate your own airline, buy your own airport, and fly helicopters too! Built in is a complimentary house and car system. The houses you have, the more vehicles you can have, up to 5. This server uses the MySQL, SScanF, Streamer and the Dynamic Map System for plugins. Just extract the default SAMP Server package, (the .exes / config files) and then import the MySQL database and you should be good to go.